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What is Meta Description Tag?

The meta description tag is perhaps the most important tag among the meta tags since it is supported by most major search engines. It describes the site's content and enhances the site's accessibility by giving search engines the site's content summary with multiple targeted keywords. The meta description tag is usually hidden from view.

The importance of a meta description tag is as follows:
Firstly, the meta description tag will influence search ranking for some search engines. For most other search engines, the meta description tag does not affect search ranking. However despite of that, site-owners should still display targeted keywords to indicate the content to searchers. Lastly, the meta description tag also serves as a summary displayed to users in search engines results.

Quote from Wikipedia:

Unlike the keyword attribute, the description attribute is supported by most major search engines, like Yahoo and Live Search, while Google will fall back on this tag when information about the page itself is requested. The description attribute provides a concise explanation of a web page's content. This allows the webpage authors to give a more meaningful description for listings than might be displayed if the search engine was unable to automatically create its own description based on the page content. The description is often, but not always, displayed on search engine results pages, so it can impact click-through rates. Industry commentators have suggested that major search engines also consider keywords located in the description attribute when ranking pages. W3C doesn't specify the size of this description meta tag, but almost all search engines recommend it to be shorter than 200 characters of plain text.